Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Residential proxy?

A residential proxy is an additional IP address that allows you to create multiple tasks on your bots without getting banned. The more proxies you have, the more tasks can be created.

A residential proxy is an ip address that is different from your currently home ip. When having multiple ips, it would allow you to make multiple tasks

How do i Access my dashboard?

The dashboard can be easily accessed by logging in with your Discord and clicking the dashboard button.

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is an interface that allows you to generate your proxies on the fly, check your data usage, authenticate IPs, and top-up your data plans with ease.

Purchasing and delivery time? Data usage?

Delivery times are instant! We strive to get you the best proxies in the fastest times.

When do the proxies expire?

Residential plans are active for 30 days or until your allocated data plan is used.

Rotating Vs. Static Residential proxies

Rotating proxies rotate their IPs every 10 minutes, and Static proxies never rotate their IPs.

Static proxes are commonly used

What to use? Static Vs Resi.

Static proxes are commonly used on Footsites, Yeezy Supply and Shopify (typically websites that have a queue and cannot utilize a rotating IP) Rotating proxies are often used for…. And harvesting V3 captchas on Yeezysupply.

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